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08 Jun 2008

ADHD Can Also Cause Adults to Work Less Hard Says New Study.

Adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) do about one month's less work each year than people who don't have this condition. These are the findings from a new study from the World Health Organisation. The condition of ADHD is usually characterised by inattention, hyperactivi...
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05 Jun 2008

Pupils Say Behaviour Has Improved at New Academy.

According to a survey of pupils themselves, vandalism, graffiti, littering, and bullying are all thought to be much less of a problem at a new Academy in Bristol. Pupils who perceived that vandalism was at least ‘a bit of a problem’ in their school decreased from 84 per cent of respondents to 33 ...
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30 May 2008

Boys Held over School Rape Claims

Two teenage boys have been arrested over claims a 15-year-old girl was raped at a Birmingham school. The incident is alleged to have happened earlier this year, the BBC has learned. Two boys, aged 14 and 15, were arrested and released on bail pending further inquiries, West Midlands Police s...
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27 May 2008

More Primary Age Pupils Will Be Sent to Special Units to Improve Behaviour

Increasing numbers of primary pupils in the UK, some as young as five, will be temporarily removed from normal classes and sent to special units to tackle bad behaviour at a young age. Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, said teachers would be expected to identify children most likely to “go down t...
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27 May 2008

Rupil Referral Units Could Have a Name Change and Be Run by Private Companies.

Private companies, voluntary groups and independent schools could educate pupils who have been excluded from schools in England. The name "pupil referral units" is to be scrapped - and new providers will be invited to raise standards. The plan calls for earlier intervention - including makin...
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27 May 2008

Behavioural Problems Due to Mothers Using Mobile Phones Says Report

The children of mothers who use mobile phones while pregnant are more likely to develop behavioural problems, new research suggests. A study of more than 13,000 children in Denmark claims to show a link between use of handheld telephones by pregnant women and problems such as hyperactivity in th...
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18 Apr 2008

'Smacking Loophole' To Be Closed by British Government

The British government is planning to close a legal loophole which allows staff at a private Christian academy to smack their pupils. The Tyndale Academy in east London avoids the ban on corporal punishment in schools by falling outside the legal definition of a private school. Ministers wan...
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18 Apr 2008

Schools Facing Gang Challenge

Schools are dealing with the "side effects" of gang culture including weapons, according to research. Although gang culture affects a minority of schools, it is feared children as young as nine are being recruited to such groups. The findings are drawn from a study commissioned by the NASUWT t...
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18 Apr 2008

School Pupils Hit with BB Pellets

Two primary school pupils have been shot by a youth who fired a pellet gun into school grounds in York. The gun was fired through a fence and into the playground. Police said the weapon had been fired through a fence and into the playground of St Lawrence's Primary School, hitting the nine-year...
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17 Apr 2008

Younger Children Disciplined Less Say Academics

The oldest children in a family are likely to face the toughest discipline, academics have found. Tougher discipline acts as a deterrent, academics say. There seems to be truth in the belief that younger siblings get away with more, according to a study by American academics. They also fo...
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