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10 Apr 2008

Europe-wide Food Colour Ban Call After Hyperactivity Link

A food safety watchdog has called for a Europe-wide ban on six artificial food colourings after research found a link with hyperactivity in children. Artificial colourings were found to affect children's behaviour A total ban on the use of the colours would have to be agreed by the EU. So ...
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08 Apr 2008

Tories Outline Rowdy Pupils Plan

The Conservatives have outlined plans to ban classroom troublemakers and give powers to protect teachers in England. Mr Cameron says schools have a "severe discipline problem" Party leader David Cameron said schools would not have to be "penalised" financially for removing persistently badl...
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31 Mar 2008

Teachers 'Stressed by Behaviour'

Bad behaviour from pupils is the biggest cause of stress for teachers and the main reason for poor standards, a teaching union has said. Teachers at the NASUWT conference complained that some school leaders were not dealing with the problem. Delegates passed a motion at the Birmingham meeting ...
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26 Mar 2008

Cyber Bully Pledge for Teachers: It Will Be a Serious Disciplinary Offence

Schools Secretary Ed Balls will tell NASUWT delegates the "cyber bullying taskforce" for England will seek ways to stop pupils targeting teachers. The government is pledging action to protect teachers from bullying through mobile phones and the internet. Mr Balls is expected to say he wants...
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26 Mar 2008

Changes Ahead for Excluded Pupils and PRUs

The government intends to improve the handling of children excluded from school in England, Schools Secretary Ed Balls has said. Mr Balls said he wanted to improve the quality of referral units All schools - as 97% already do - will have to work in partnership with others and to take in exp...
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23 Mar 2008

Increase in Teachers Finding Weapons on Pupils Says Survey

A growing number of pupils are taking offensive weapons and drugs into a hard core of schools in troubled areas, research suggests. The proportion of teachers finding weapons on pupils on a weekly basis had almost quadrupled from 2001 to 2008. Warwick University, interviewing 1,500 teachers f...
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22 Mar 2008

Spoilt Children 'Disrupt Schools' Says NUT Report

Primary schoolchildren spoilt by their parents can cause disruption in the classroom by repeating manipulative behaviour used at home, a report says. Research for the National Union of Teachers (NUT) suggested a minority of children threw tantrums, swore and were physically aggressive. NUT bos...
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31 Jan 2008

Teachers Given Tips on Anti-Gay Bullying

Teachers in England are being alerted to guidelines on how they can tackle homophobic bullying. Pupils might be bullied if they are gay or are thought to be - or if their parents are - and teachers may also be targeted, the guidance says. Drawn up for ministers by gay rights groups, it was fir...
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30 Jan 2008

Excluded Boys Box Their Way Out of Trouble

A former boxer has launched a project to help boys excluded from school to punch their way out of trouble. Dave "Boy" Green, from Chatteris, put the Fens on the boxing world map as he won two European titles in the 1970s. The "Fen Tiger" sparred with teenagers at the East Cambridgeshire Distr...
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30 Jan 2008

Pupil Exclusions Continue to Rise in Scotland

The number of pupils being excluded for bad behaviour in Scottish schools has increased in the last year. Exclusions have risen each year since 2002/03 A report said overall exclusions had risen by 4% in 2006/07 to 44,794. Schools Minister Maureen Watt said she was "extremely concerned" t...
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