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22 Oct 2009

Pupil Refuses to Stand When Headmaster Enters the Classroom

Daniel Walton was suspended from the school, Macclesfield High in Cheshire, when he barged past a teacher after being ordered to sit in an 'isolation' room for refusing to stand. And rather than remonstrate with his son, jobless 40-year-old Tim Walton is supporting him. He says Daniel was en...
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22 Oct 2009

Truancy Rate Reaches Record Level

The truancy rate in schools in England has reached its highest ever level, according to the latest figures. The truancy statistics for the first two terms of the last school year show 1.03% of school sessions were missed without permission, up from 0.97%. When Labour entered office in 1997, t...
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22 Oct 2009

Boy's Sikh Dagger in School Ban

A Sikh boy has been withdrawn from a north London school after he said he wanted to wear his traditional dagger. The boy, 14, was told not to carry the 5in (12.7cm) kirpan at the Compton School in Barnet after governors ruled it was a health and safety risk. Under Sikhism the sheathed scimita...
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30 Sep 2009

Parents to Get Discipline Warning

Measures to improve behaviour in schools and tackle bullying are due to be announced by Schools Secretary Ed Balls at the Labour Party conference. Parents in England will be given a leaflet warning they are responsible for their children's behaviour. "Parents want their children to go to an o...
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21 Sep 2009

Call to Change Anti-bullying Law

Leading education lawyers and charities are calling for a change in the law to protect vulnerable young people from extreme bullying in England and Wales. Head teachers are not being held accountable for violent and abusive pupils and anti-bullying guidelines should be strengthened, they claim. ...
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10 Sep 2009

Teachers Spot Trouble-Makers in a Name

Can teachers really predict behaviour from a name? Teachers think they can tell which pupils are likely to play up by looking at their names, a survey suggests. The poll of 3,000 teachers found more than one in three expected pupils with certain names to be more disruptive. Pupils called Ca...
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08 Sep 2009

UK Teenage Girls 'Worst Drunks'

Young teenagers in the UK are more likely to get drunk than anywhere else in the industrial world, shows an international survey. Girls in particular have pushed up this level of drunkenness in the UK, says a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Among 15-yea...
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10 Aug 2009

UK Teenagers 'Bullied by Sex Texts'

More than a third of under-18s in the UK have been sent offensive or distressing sexual images electronically, a survey by the charity Beatbullying suggests. A large majority of the 2,094 respondents said a fellow teenager had sent it, compared with 2% who said an adult had sent the message. ...
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31 Jul 2009

England's Schools Exclude Pupils Less Often

The number of exclusions from England's schools went down last year, latest figures show. There were 8,130 permanent exclusions from primary, secondary and special schools in 2007-08, 6.4% less than the year before. At least three times as many exclusions involve boys rather than girls. ...
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19 Jun 2009

Latest Truancy Figures Show Rise

The latest truancy figures for England show another rise, with an increasing number of pupils missing school to go on holiday. The absence rate for primary and secondary schools rose from 6.26% in autumn 2007 to 6.42% last autumn (2008). The most common reasons given were sickness and family ...
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