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“I have been using BehaviourOnline with students throughout the term with great success. It gets across important points about their behaviour and attitudes.”

Francis Johnson,
Gladesmore School,
London (8th Dec 2018)

29 Oct 2009

20/03/10 LONDON: Challenging Behaviour in Children & Teenagers: From Understanding to Intervention.

Saturday 20 March 2010 (10.00am-5.15pm, registration 9.30-10.00am)
Cost: £160 (includes a complimentary buffet lunch)

In this conference presenters will focus on both causes of and effective interventions for challenging behaviour in children and teenagers: those who disrupt others’ learning, those with attention deficit or hyperactive problems, the oppositional defiant, those with conduct disorders who have moved into violence and anti-social acts, the hyperaroused who are unable ever to be calm. Such children and young people can de-skill and exhaust the adults in their lives. Moreover, behaviour problems can severely affect a child’s/young person’s capacity to learn to enjoy human relationships, to develop emotionally and to lead a fulfilling life. Statistics show that a staggering 80 percent of children with behavioural problems at the age of five go on to develop more serious forms of anti-social behaviour, and over 90 percent of young offenders have had a mental health problem as a child. (Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in Great Britain ONS 2000).

The key focus of this conference will be on evidence based methods and key tools and techniques for prevention and intervention. Presenters will offer practical ways of working with challenging children and young people based on a wealth of their own experience. Drawing on the advances in psychology, child development theory and neuroscience presenters will share exciting initiatives to show how challenging children and teenagers can be enabled to develop emotional regulatory capacities to make the shift from primitive discharge of emotional intensity to reflection, self-awareness and the ability to thrive.

Benefits from attending this conference

Understand the major causes of challenging and out of control behaviour
Gain key psychological knowledge to support you in your work with troubled children
Be empowered to form meaningful connections with, and make effective responses to, challenging children
Hear inspirational case examples and watch moving video footage of out of control children making shifts into positive change
Recognise when troubled behaviour is trauma based, and know what to do
Understand the road from pain to violence
Learn simple, practical ways to avoid power struggles
Gain vital interventions, tools and techniques to enable children with conduct disorders to choose a different road, and then to thrive.

Camila Batmanghelidjh
Psychotherapist. Most Admired Chief Executive, Third Sector Magazine, 2007. Founder of The Place2Be and Kids Company, inner city charity offering education, therapy and a life-line to thousands of young people whose lives have been affected by drink, drugs, violence, abuse or neglect. Author of the groundbreaking book Shattered Lives.

Dr Margot Sunderland
Director of Education and Training at The Centre for Child Mental Health, London. Honorary Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan University and Child Psychotherapist with over twenty years’ experience of working with children and families. Author of over 20 books in the field of child mental health. What Every Parent Needs to Know (Dorling Kindersley) won First Prize in the British Medical Association Medical Book awards 2007 (Popular Medicine section). Research: The Application of arts and brain science to the psychological treatment of children.

Jay Vaughan
Psychotherapist and Dramatherapist. Co-founding Director, Family Futures - an organisation specialising in therapeutic work with highly traumatised fostered or adopted children who have experienced loss, neglect or abuse leaving many locked in aggressive or violent behaviour.

*For more details and to book, contact direct:

The Centre for Child Mental Health
2-18 Britania Row
London N1 8PA
Tel. 020 7354 2913
Fax. 020 7704 0171